101 things guaranteed to make you smile

Sometimes it can be difficult to find things to smile about.

Whether you’re going through a difficult time or just feeling stressed and distracted from your normal routine, it’s not always easy to stop and enjoy the little moments.

Finding something that makes you smile requires you to be alert and more mindful as you go through your day.

Once you start consciously searching, you might be surprised at the things you find that make you smile.

The science behind what makes people smile

According to a report in BritishCouncil.org, “When our brains are feeling happy, endorphins are produced and neural signals are sent to your facial muscles to trigger a smile.

This is the beginning of the positive feedback loop of happiness.”

That’s the science behind smiling, but the things that make most of us smile are:

A positive relationship experience A joyful or significant positive event Something humorous or funny Beauty and kindness A happy memory or anticipation of a positive event

What makes you smile may not be the same for others.

After all, everyone has their own way of seeing the world and what makes them smile.

Why is smiling good for you?

While everyone has different reasons to smile, we all have one thing in common when it comes to showing off our pearly whites – the true health benefits of smiling!

These include:

Release of endorphins that provide temporary pain relief Temporarily lower your blood pressure Reduce stress Boost your immune system Improve the way you think Make you look younger Extend your lifespan

101 things that make you smile

Countless things happen every day that can make you smile if you pay attention.

From the big ones to the little ones, fun things are always happening, so keep your eyes, ears, and mind open. Soon those endorphins will be pouring in!

1. Hug someone

2. Visit the beach and listen to the sound of the waves

3. Seeing a rainbow after a thunderstorm

4. The sounds of a flowing river

5. Getting a massage

6. A phone call with a good friend

7. Finding the right answers during a trivia contest or show

8. Birdsong in the morning

9. Kicking back with a new book

10. The smell of a hot cup of coffee or tea

11. Cooling off in the pool on a hot, sweaty day

12. Cuddling with your favorite human

13. Getting a surprise hug or kiss from your child

14. Getting her hair done

15. Seeing an older couple holding hands

16. Waking up rested and refreshed after a good night’s sleep

17. Watching the passing clouds on a bright day

18. Having a vase of beautiful flowers in your house

19. Taking a hot shower on a cold day

20. Meeting an old friend

21. Seeing a cute baby animal

22. Encountering a beautiful view

23. Eating a delicious sundae with your favorite toppings

24. Standing up and moving limbs after sitting for a long time

25. Dancing to your favorite song

26. Swinging on a porch swing or hammock and watching the world go by

27. Walking barefoot through the grass on a summer day

28. Going outside and enjoying the fresh air after being cooped up inside

29. Achieving something you’ve been working on for a long time

30. The sound of rain on the sidewalk

31. Having dinner with good friends or family

32. Leave the window open on a nice day and enjoy the breeze

33. Meet a new friend

34. Watching your kids sleep peacefully

35. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have time to sleep

36. Someone brings you a fresh cup of something to drink

37. Cook a delicious meal for your family (or just yourself!)

38. Take a leisurely drive to enjoy the scenery

39. Waking up to find a fresh layer of snow on the ground

40. Petting a dog or cat

41. Going for a swim on a hot summer day

42. Picking flowers and enjoying the scent

43. Pausing for a few minutes to meditate or say a prayer

44. Watching the sun go down

45. Cartwheel like a kid

46. ​​Achieving a goal you’ve been working towards

47. Hearing a song that brings back good memories

48. Doing something that makes someone else smile

49. Going out for a drink or dinner with friends

50. Finding something you thought you lost

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51. Watching the rain curl up in a blanket all the time

52. Offering an act of kindness to a neighbor

53. Getting some much-needed exercise after you put it off

54. Enjoying a treat from your favorite bakery

55. Getting someone a birthday card or gift

56. Doing something childish like going on a swing or throwing water balloons

57. Helping someone in need

58. Sink into a warm bubble bath

Man cuddling his cute dog which makes you smile

59. Spending time with your kids as a couple

60. Enjoying a lazy day with nothing to do

61. Watching a stupid video on the internet

62. Getting an unexpected compliment

63. Meeting an old friend

64. Watching an old favorite movie that you’ve seen many times

65. Taking a day off from work just to relax

66. Looking at old photos and thinking back on the memories

67. Eat a meal in the sunshine

68. Write down all the things you are thankful for

69. Going on a day trip with friends or your partner

70. Look at the stars

71. Empty your inbox

72. Unexpected praise from someone who noticed your hard work

73. A delicious, cold glass of lemonade on a hot day

74. Giving someone an impromptu gift

75. Checking things off your to-do list

76. Climbing into bed with clean sheets

77. Walking your dog around the neighborhood

78. Organize the desk and clear clutter

79. Lazing around for an hour

80. Watching a baby walk for the first time

81. The scent of a bouquet of flowers

82. A letter or postcard from someone you miss

83. A nice exchange with a friendly stranger at the grocery store

84. I look forward to seeing friends again

85. Your favorite song comes on the radio

86. An unexpected kind gesture from a friend or neighbor

87. Organize a closet

88. Cuddling from a child

89. A good meal when you’re really hungry

cheerful woman smiles which makes you smile

90. The sound of wind chimes

91. Watching an old favorite TV show

92. Bake cookies in the oven

93. Helping someone who needs help

94. Sitting outside in the sun

95. Go for a walk on a nice day

96. The sound of the waves on the beach

97. Memories of happy times with people you love

98. Good news from a friend or loved one

99. Laugh until your stomach hurts

100. Seeing plants bloom in your garden

101. The sight of falling leaves in autumn

Final Thoughts

There are many things that will help you smile more every day and turn your frown on its head.

Even if you make a conscious effort to smile, it’s good for you, resulting in a multitude of health benefits. Most importantly, smiling has also been shown to be contagious.

Would you like to have a real smile on your face?  Read this post and discover what makes you smile so you can be cheerfully happy.