2 members of Notorious ‘Jumper Boys’ caught in Tondo

SMaRT arrested 2 members of the notorious “Jumper Boys” chasing trucks in Tondo

Personnel from the Special Mayor’s Reaction Team (SMaRT) arrested the suspected 2 members of the notorious theft group “Jumper Boys” in Tondo, Manila.

Two “Jumper Boys” with guns who had been chasing cargo vehicles along Route 10 were arrested. According to P/Maj. According to SMaRT boss Edward Samonte, the arrest was prompted when the two suspects went viral for stealing cargo from passing trucks along Road 10 in Tondo.

A vlogger called “Biyahero TV” shared the trending video on social media. As a result, the P/Lt. and the SMaRT staff took immediate action. Commander of Manila Police District (MPD) Station 1 in Raxabago, Tondo, Col. Rosalino “Jhun” Ibay

They learned from the report that the “Jumper Boys” were once again roaming the area to hunt down some victims. Along with members of MPD Station 1 and the Tactical Motorcycle Reaction Unit, they spy on the suspects (TMRU).

Around 11 p.m., SMaRT personnel showed up and took the man into custody while he still had an illegal .38 caliber handgun tucked into his waistband. He pointed to his buddy who had also been arrested in the close pursuit.

An accomplice to the cargo theft used a shotgun, which police confiscated. The two are accused of violating the RA. You can find a copy of 10591, the Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act, at the City of Manila IRS.

The two’s potential victims asked others to file a complaint so further charges could be brought against them. Samonte believes that perversions in the area have temporarily receded and will hopefully be stopped or eliminated.

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