59 one-sided relationship quotes you can relate to

When they call you answer.

If they need a ride, you ask when.

When they screw up and need an understanding shoulder to cry on, clean up your schedule and show up with tissues and their favorite drink.

But when life throws shit your way… crickets.

If this sounds familiar, unfortunately you’re in a one-sided relationship — and you deserve better.

To help you work through the resentment and frustration, we’ve put together this list of one-sided relationship quotes.

59 one-sided relationship quotes you can relate to

Devastated by a one-sided relationship? Hopefully these quotes on the subject will cheer you up – or at least help you to know that you are not alone.

Sad but true one sided relationship quotes

1. “It takes both sides to build a bridge.” – Fredrik Naël

2. “Problems can be fixed. But unrequited love is a tragedy.” – Susanne Harper

3. “Unrequited love is the unending curse of a lonely heart.” – Christina Westover

4. “With a love so one-sided, there’s no chance. The walls must come down.” – Sonny & Cher

5. “The most painful goodbyes are those that are left unsaid and never explained.” – Jonathan Harnisch

6. “You like someone who can’t like you because unrequited love can survive in a way that love once reciprocated cannot.” – Johannes Grün

7. “Watering artificial flowers will never make them grow. Stop throwing your energy into one-sided relationships.” – John Mark Green

8. “Because if you could love someone and continue to love them without being loved at the time, that love had to be genuine. It hurt too much to be something else.” – Sarah Kreuz

Expectation one sided relationship quotes

9. “One-sided relationship is not a relationship at all. The relationship thrives when there is trust, love and affection between everyone involved.” – Sandeep Ravidutt Sharma

10. “No one’s home but me, I’m the only one clinging to one-sided love.” – Brooke Hogan

11. “You can sacrifice and not love. But you can’t love and you can’t sacrifice.” – Kris Vallotton

12. “The pain of one-sided love, knowing that I loved her more than she loved me.” – Sierra Simone

One sided love quotes13. “If you care about people more than they deserve, you get hurt more than you deserve.” – Stephen Kyeyune

14. “Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in drought, which was useless and disappointing.” – Himanshu chate

15. “If you know you can’t take, baby, why try to give?” Because I’m not for a one-sided love affair.” – Elvis Presley

16. “Every time she laughs, she hopes he’ll watch, hoping he’ll fall for her smile as much as she does his.” – km

Quotes about one sided broken hearted relationship

17. “It’s kind of funny how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little parts.” – Kuhhrizma Clemons

18. “One-sided love will never work. Let me tell you something I’m sure you’ve never heard of about tender love and care, in case you don’t know. – Mandy Moore

19. “Love takes off masks we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live in.” – James Baldwin

20. “I was in love with you from the start. You asked why there is no one else in my life and the reason… is you.” – Julie James

21. “A wounded stag leaps highest.” – Emily Dickinson

22. “To burn with desire and keep silent about it is the greatest punishment we can inflict on ourselves.” – Federico Garcia Lorca

One sided love quotes23. “Our time is up. Trying to make this work isn’t enough one-sided love.” – Black Bear

24. “I have to admit, an unrequited love is so much better than a real one. I mean it’s perfect. As long as something has never started, you don’t have to worry about it ending. It has infinite potential.” – Sarah Dessen

25. “One of the greatest pains and torments is one-sided love for someone.” – Anurag Prakash

26. “The hardest thing is observing the one you love and loving someone else.” – Serenity

27. “I’m not sure which scares me more, that you’ll never start loving me or that I’ll never stop loving you.” Too sad to miss you, too bad to lose you, too hard to forget you!” – Amogh Tiwari

28. “Loved her enough to pretend it was different. Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return is like trying to fly with a broken wing.” – Amogh Tiwari

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One sided love quotes

29. “Some say one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it’s likely to get hard and moldy sooner.” – Eric Bern

30. “Maybe I was destined to fall in love forever with people I couldn’t have. Maybe there’s a whole bunch of impossible people waiting for me to find them. I wait to feel the same impossibility over and over again.” – Carol Rifka Brunt

31. “Love isn’t always perfect. It is not a fairy tale or storybook. And it’s not always easy.” – Linda Lapointe

One sided love quotes32. “My silence is just another word for my pain. I will never know love like I have for you again.” – Vicki case

33. “Isn’t that how falling in love so often works? Some stranger appears out of nowhere and becomes a fixed star in your universe.” – Kate Bolick

34. “She was in love with the man, and love is a scary thing. If not reciprocated, it can turn a person into a monster.” – Michele Young-Stone

35. “You only know something’s wrong when you look at someone and long for something that doesn’t belong to them or that you can’t have. It’s an absence – a loss of a heartbeat.” – Nadège Richards

36. “Unrequited love is okay in books and things, but it totally sucks in real life.” – Meg Cabot

37. “Yet my longing for her was like a bad cold that had kept me going for years, although I was sure I would get over it at any moment.” – Donna Tartt

38. “No one who loves should be called wholly unhappy. Even unrequited love has its rainbow.” – JM Barrie

39. “She hated that she was still so desperate for a look at him, but it had been like that for years.” – Julia Quinn

40. “Sometimes, no matter how many lashes or dandelion seeds you blow, no matter how much of your heart you rip out and pat your sleeve, it just won’t happen.” – Melissa Jensen

41. “We’re cool,” I say calmly, although I feel otherwise. I’m sad. Like I lost something I never had.” – Christine Seifert

42. “His hands say he wants to hold them. His feet say he wants to chase her… He probably forgot I’m here, next to him” – Ai Yazawa

43. “I had discovered that there is something more painful than falling in love with someone who isn’t in love with you; to hurt that person – to hurt him and not be able to do anything about it.” – Elisabeth Chandler

44. “Nothing is as humbling as falling in love with someone who doesn’t share your feelings.” – Georgette Heyer

45. “Nothing grieves more deeply or more pitifully than half of a great love that is not meant to be.” – Gregory David Roberts

46. ​​”Never fall in love with someone who won’t fight for you, because when the real fighting begins, they won’t save your heart, but their own.” — Shannon L. Alder

47. “Dignity comes only when you realize that having someone in your life doesn’t validate your worth.” — Shannon L. Alder

Deep one sided relationship quotes

48. “My heart didn’t feel like it was mine anymore. It now felt like it had been stolen, ripped from my chest by someone who didn’t want anything to do with it.” – Meredith Taylor

49. “Perfect behavior comes from complete indifference. Perhaps that is why we always madly love someone who treats us with indifference.” – Caesar Pavese

One sided love quotes50. “The greatest curse in life is not losing your love, but not being loved by someone you love.” – Kiran Joshi

51. “That’s when I decided I would never love anyone again because you just felt like a fool putting the love out there and it didn’t come back to you.” – Karen Taylor

52. “I realized that one might love him secretly, with no hope of encouragement, which can be very pleasant for the young or inexperienced.” – Barbara Pim

53. “Winter is like unrequited love; cold and unforgiving.” – Kelly Elmore

54. “I spilled my heart out… And now I’m empty.” – Ranata Suzuki

55. “It was hard pouring endless love into someone who wouldn’t love you back. Nobody could do that forever” – Zoje Stage

56. “I kept our memories inside while I watched you lose your control over ours.” — Verliza Gajeles

57. “Living with someone you love can be lonelier than living all alone when the one you love doesn’t love you.” – Tennessee-Williams

58. “The worst feeling is falling in love with someone and knowing they won’t be there to catch you.” – Rashida Rowe

59. “In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything and two minus one equals nothing.” – Mignon McLaughlin

How to use these quotes in one sided relationships for healing

You’ve probably heard of art therapy, but what about citation therapy? It’s a way to take your mind off something annoying, or at least turn it into something productive.

Journal Prompts: Record a quote or two that resonates with you and write about it in a journal. Think of imbalanced relationships in your life. You don’t necessarily have to find solutions. For now, let’s just explore the emotions involved. Meditate on them: Analytical meditation helps many people process problematic relationships. Use one of the quotes during a session to gain new insights. Share it: Social media can be a cesspool for backdoor bragging, sales pitching, and social posturing. Instead of joining the fight, share an inspirational quote about letting go of one-sided relationships. (It’s also a way to send a message.) Make Art: Turn your frustration with the situation into a work of art. Use one or more quotes to inspire a sketch, painting, sculpture, or creative writing.

One-sided relationships hurt. After all, it feels crushing and humiliating to be the person who always gives and gets nothing in return.

But before you throw in the towel, talk to the person. There’s a higher-than-average chance they just got distracted by something challenging and didn’t notice their behavior.

If so, they will apologize. If they become defensive, it may be time to end the relationship.

Refer to these one-sided relationship quotes to help you forget the sadness of having unrequited love.