Abios strengthens the data offering by supporting Rainbow Six

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Esports data company Abios has expanded its offering with live data support for Ubisoft-developed FPS game Rainbow Six: Siege.

Abios platform users can now get live data from Rainbow Six: Siege matches as the matches progress. This means that scores, in-game events like bomb defusing and similar information are available to Abios users.

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Rainbow Six: Siege is a popular tactical FPS game developed by Ubisoft. Since its release in 2015, it has grown into a popular esports title with the game’s flagship Rainbow Six Circuit, attracting well-known esports organizations such as NAVI and G2 Esports. The title’s crowning event, the Six Invitational, had a $3 million (~£2.46 million) prize pool in 2022.

Abios’ acquisition of Rainbow Six develops the company’s growing portfolio, which includes Dota 2, CS:GO, Halo, and VALORANT, among others. As a data provider, Abios also works with sports organizations such as NAVI and betting providers such as BETER and UNIBET, providing them with data for post-match analysis or live result widgets.

Abios strengthens the data offering by supporting Rainbow SixThe Payments and Monetization of Esports whitepaper was a collaboration between Nuvei and ESI. Click here to read the white paper.

Rasmus Johns, Computer Vision Team Lead at Abios, commented, “We are excited to expand our data offering for Rainbow 6. With a more detailed data feed, we can now support a variety of important projects and use cases.

“Whether a client is planning to implement live live scores or to support a fantasy league, our data feeds are there to support them.”

The addition of Rainbow Six to Abios’ games list comes a few days before Ubisoft announces “a new era of Rainbow Six Esports”. company put it What the announcement will look like is still unclear. According to figures from Esports Charts, Rainbow Six: Siege has around 270,000 to 300,000 peak viewers for its major events.

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