Alibaba Fund, Gobi, Earth VC support AI-powered all-electric and self-driving robot Clearbot

Clearbot offers an AI-powered all-electric and self-driving robot

Clearbot, a Hong Kong-based robot-as-a-service company focused on the marine sector, has closed an undisclosed round of seed funding with Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund and Gobi Ventures.

Earth Venture Capital, Asia Sustainability Angels and CarbonX Capital also invested together.

The startup will use the funds for product development and R&D to improve operational efficiency under various environmental conditions and further expand to Southeast Asia.

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Clearbot will also invest in research to turn data into insights for clients in line with ESG standards, enabling them to optimize their business practices for sustainable development in the marine sector.

Founded in 2020, Clearbot offers an AI-powered, all-electric, self-driving robot that automates spill cleanup, monitoring, rescue and goods delivery in urban waterways intelligently and without human resources.

The data obtained from Clearbot will help companies and governments to identify potential improvement areas in their operations and help them develop a deeper understanding of their current performance in order to make informed decisions on how to improve their business in the future.

By combining autonomous navigation with data analytics and on-demand solutions, the startup has developed the first autonomous electric vessel capable of navigating autonomously across multiple waterways with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

The startup’s latest Clearbot Neo model, developed with Razer Inc., is available in Hong Kong and India, with more than ten bots already deployed in those regions.

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“Civilization thrives apart from the water currents that are our bountiful rivers and oceans. But we destroy and pollute them with millions of tons of plastic and trash every year. Because 95 percent of the plastic in our oceans is transported by ten major rivers, eight of which are in Asia. The war on climate change must not neglect activities towards ocean technology,” said Linh Nguyen, General Partner of Earth Venture Capital.

“Because the founders are both Gen Z, Clearbot was truly created by and for the next generation, who will be at the forefront of our fight against climate change,” Nguyen added.

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