Battle Pass Part 2: First Impressions – DOTABUFF

The second part of the Battle Pass is here, with the new, updated Diretide being the highlight. Today we would like to have a short discussion on how to become more successful in it, while giving some tips and tricks on how to complete the weekly quests as quickly as possible.

The new game mode is essentially 5v5 mid or pretty close. You collect candy from Greevlings, deposit candy in Wells and watch Roshan obliterate the enemy structures. The basic rules of the game are simple enough, but there are some nuances.

The most common mistake players are currently making is ignoring the well guard. His missile attack not only hurts a lot, but also scares you for a long time. It is impossible to ignore the guardian. The only time it’s acceptable is when you need to deposit a candy or two to tip the scales and change Roshan’s goal.

Another mistake, and a pretty crucial one at that, is that players spend too much money on their deposits. You don’t have to have 99 candies in the enemy well, you just have to have one more candy than your well has. After a fight you’ve won, there’s a reason to fill two wells at the same time instead of going all-in with a single one. Some candy will be lost in the process, but it’s still a better option than wasting everything.

Don’t break up too much. Despite being a more relaxed game mode, it still has some macro and ignoring it will surely result in a loss. In our experience, deathball strategies with multiple teamfight heroes are the way to go. However, make sure you play this type of draft accordingly.

There are a few heroes that you really need to ban unless you want to play them. Arc Warden is definitely one: its magnetic field prevents Roshan from destroying the fountain. It will most likely be fixed soon, but just ban the heroes for now to save yourself the frustration. Unless you are an Arc Warden player yourself.

Another really annoying hero to contend with is Wraith King, who can save extra health for his teammates in Wraith form. His Aghanim allows his teammates to deposit candy while dead, and the loss of candy only occurs after the Wraith form expires. It’s a very frustrating and very powerful interaction for this gammode.

For similar reasons, you might want to get rid of heroes with built-in spell immunity. Lifestealer and Juggernaut aren’t necessarily the strongest picks for this game mode, but they pack a punch. Likewise, heroes like Dark Willow and Slark, which can make themselves unassailable, can also be pretty good.

Finally, you can complete your Cavern Crawl in this game mode, but it will only count as a turbo win. This isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to complete the caves, but it’s an option to keep in mind. Oddly enough, however, weekly quests aren’t counted in Diretide, so you can’t ignore the main game for the duration of the festival.

Since this is a bonus week, we need all twenty stars to maximize rewards. The good news is that this time it’s pretty trivial for a number of reasons.

The first big thing is that three quests are co-op bot enabled. Truly Moving Experience, Ancient Predator, and Open Your Heart can all be completed in co-op bot games, so they’re mainly a matter of patience and time.

For maximum effect, simply select Juggernaut, get boots, power staff and several crystals. They will criticize almost every hit. Good alternatives are Bounty Hunter or any hero who can get their hands on Bloodthorn quickly.

While Phantom Assassin might sound like a good idea, her critical hit chance is actually pretty low while her average DPS is still very high. It’s better to go for a higher probability than a higher damage factor: bots’ survivability and HP pool are quite limited as they aren’t very good at farming.

Getting antiques is a little more problematic as they are a limited resource after all. Your teammates will most likely contest them, so you’ll definitely save yourself some frustration in a group of five where someone can be in the enemy Ancient stack service.

All in all, it’s a very easy week to complete. Make sure you play enough Diretide and play the actual objective of the game mode and you’ll be done with it in no time, possibly closing some caves in the process.