Can the Philadelphia Eagles lead the table?

Jalen hurts

Jalen HurtsPhoto: Getty Images

The Eagles are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. However, with 10 weeks left, it seems impossible for the Eagles to go unbeaten for the rest of the year. Then check out their upcoming schedule.


I mean look at this. Worse (for Cowboys and Giants fans), almost all of Philly’s toughest games will be played in Philadelphia. The Titans, Packers, Saints and the Giants’ final game all take place at Lincoln Financial Field. I’m not saying the Cowboys and Giants aren’t tough, but the Titans are arguably the best match for the Eagles of anyone on this list, the Saints have been improving lately and the Packers, poor as they looked, they still have Aaron Rodgers. Also, the Eagles only have to play one of those teams who get a bye: the Chicago Bears. As surprisingly solid as the Bears have been this year, they still won’t beat the Eagles. Sure, they added Chase Claypool, but the Eagles’ greatest strength is their runner-up finish. They also lost their best defender at Roquan Smith, so… yeah.

“Any Sunday” is the saying, right? So could the Eagles lose one of those games? Absolutely. I’m not saying they will undoubtedly go undefeated in the regular season. In fact, I’m shocked that the Eagles could have the opportunity.

Let’s look at each matchup individually:

Houston Texans – I don’t think I need to go into that. Philly outperforms the Texans in every way. Should be an easy win.

Washington Commanders – Inconsistent quarterback play from Washington will be their downfall. The commanders are close to the top of the league in terms of pressure rate (4th place with 26 percent). However, the Eagles’ offensive line has been going crazy over the past few weeks. The commanders are also a pretty mediocre defense, and the last time these two teams played in Washington, Philadelphia held them to eight points (of which only six were allowed by defense), all of which came in trash time.

Indianapolis Colts – Sam Ehlinger. That’s all that needs to be said. Jonathan Taylor is also grappling with a nagging injury, if that helps the argument at all.

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Green Bay – This team is at its best when Rodgers looks good. The high school in Philadelphia has been devastating this year, and with the inconsistencies running the ball from Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, Rodgers will likely need to throw a lot. Not a good pairing.

Tennessee Titans – Potentially the best opportunity for any team to beat the Eagles. A heavy dose of Derrick Henry will go right in the teeth of the weakest section of the Eagles’ defense. Defensively, the Titans are also pretty solid against the run, allowing just 4.2 yards per carry (seventh in the NFL).

New York Giants – The Giants are at their best when they control the clock. They are third in the NFL in possession time this year. The Eagles are first. The lack of explosiveness on offense is the Giants’ undoing. You should have made a move to the receiver.

Chicago Bears – I touched on that before. No Roquan Smith will be a problem. Chase Claypool doesn’t help much given the strength of Philly’s high school. Their best shot at creating explosive offensive plays probably comes from the odd use of their gadget receivers like Claypool and Velus Jones Jr.

Dallas Cowboys – Even with Cooper Rush, the Cowboys weren’t blown out of the water by the Eagles in Week 6. However, most of Dallas’ offense came in the second half after the Eagles had already established a comfortable lead. If they hadn’t taken their foot off the pedal, who knows what the end result would have been.

New Orleans Saints – They just lost Michael Thomas for the season but should otherwise be at full strength. They’ve improved dramatically on offense in recent weeks, coinciding with the resurgence of Alvin Kamara. Still, I don’t trust Andy Dalton to trump Jalen Hurts.

New York Giants – see above

I’m not ready to say that the Eagles will certainly go undefeated, but I can’t help but fantasize about the possibility. I don’t think they’re the best team in the league, and if they face the Bills, Chiefs, or even the 49ers in the playoffs, I wouldn’t be shocked if they drew the 2007 Patriots. However, an unbeaten regular season is not only out of the question, it looks more possible by the day. Regardless of their playoff results, that would be the first 17-0 record in NFL history, and I, for one, hope we see it.