Echo Esports announces partners for the upcoming Race to World First

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World of Warcraft guild Echo Esports has announced its partners for the upcoming Race to World First (RWF) event in the Raid Vault of the Incarnates, scheduled for December 13th in North America and December 14th in Europe.

The organization has brought its long-time partners Curseforge, SecretLab, Elgato and Displate on board, but has also partnered with Starforge Systems, E-Sports Nutrition, Swisscom, Twitch and Roccat.

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The Race to World First is a World of Warcraft event that occurs whenever a new raid becomes available in the game. Leading guilds hold regular events that can last several days to become the first guild in the world to take down all raid bosses.

The events are particularly challenging as players encounter the raid bosses for the first time and tactics are often developed along the way.

One of the most notable WoW guilds in history, Echo Esports is the winner of the last two Race to World First events. The final event in the Raid Grab of the Firsts lasted 18 days and Echo won the challenge on the 277th attempt by defeating The Jailer, the final boss of the raid.

Echo Esports will host 13 players, eight casters and seven on-site staff at the Erupt Lounge in Bern, Switzerland for the duration of the event. The event is supported by Big Dumb Golden Guardians and will be streamed 24 hours a day on Echo’s channels.

Echo Esports announces partners for the upcoming Race to World FirstThe Payments and Monetization of Esports whitepaper was a collaboration between Nuvei and ESI. Click here to read the white paper.

The RWF is a highly competitive event, which is evident from the partners involved. Another well-known WoW organization, Team Liquid, recently partnered for their attempt to announce World First through Liquid Guild, their MMO-focused vertical.

These include Coinbase, Kingston Technology, Monster Energy and others.

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