Expensive cable tie wristbands sold for very high prices deserve online reactions

Expensive cable tie wristbands spark online reactions after being sold for a very high price

The expensive cable tie wristbands that are sold at a very high price are eliciting various reactions from the online community.

The fashion industry almost always draws the ire of certain people, and as with any good work of art, it can be argued that it’s meant to elicit a ‘reaction’ from someone, even if it’s negative.

However, many people find it hard to believe that some designers try to charge exorbitant prices for garments that are either unattractive or downright offensive.

Several stores sell accessories at an affordable price, while there are some that sell high quality jewelry at a high price. However, it was not advisable to sell ordinary accessories at an expensive price.

Recently, Sweet FM Kabankalan’s Facebook page 102.9 reported that zippered bracelets were being sold at a very high price. The post immediately spread like wildfire across the internet and garnered reactions from internet users.

Japanese jewelery label Ambush is reportedly selling bracelets made from ordinary cable ties at a very high price. The store could not justify the expensive price of bracelets made only from ordinary building materials.

The Ambush zipper bracelet costs $755 or 38,505 pesos, while the Safety Pin Link bracelet costs $1,025 or 52,275 pesos. The ball chain bracelet, which resembles a chain, costs $520 or 26,520 pesos, which was considered very expensive.

Expensive cable tie bracelets

Social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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