Fluxo signs League of Legends sponsorship deal with LG

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Brazilian esports organization Fluxo has announced a sponsorship deal with LG Electronics for their recently formed League of Legends team.

LG will promote its Ultragear monitor brand on the jerseys of Fluxo’s CBLOL League of Legends team, its academy roster and trainee project.

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When presenting its League of Legends team in December 2022, Fluxo showed off a clean shirt with no sponsors, despite the organization having deals with companies like Bank Next and delivery app iFood.

This is due to the organization’s sponsorship policy of having specific partners for each game Fluxo participates in. For example, betting site EstrelaBet is an exclusive sponsor for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team.

“Partnering with a company as respected as LG is a very important step for us and reinforces our commitment to League of Legends teams,” commented Jeferson Góes, one of the directors of Fluxo.

Fluxo signs League of Legends sponsorship deal with LGEsports Insider has partnered with the University of Warwick for ESI Next Gen. To learn more, click here.

This isn’t the first partnership between Fluxo and LG. The companies had already teamed up for a booth at the gaming event Brazil Game Show (BGS), the largest gaming expo in Latin America, taking place in São Paulo in 2022.

“As the leader of this agreement with LG, it is extremely gratifying to see that what was started at BGS 2022 continues to bear fruit for both parties and has the potential to generate even more,” added Allan Fernandes, Chief Business Officer of the Management of Fluxo, added company 3C Gaming.

“They are two brands that represent a reference in their respective markets and that can greatly benefit from each other’s expertise to develop actions and solutions for the gaming community.”

LG’s debut with Fluxo’s League of Legends team is scheduled for January 21 in the first round of the 2023 season of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL). The organization joined the league by buying a space previously owned by Rensga Esports.

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