Fnatic and BMW are launching gaming mice designed for the League of Legends squad

Photo credits: BMW, Fnatic

European eSports organization Fnatic has partnered with German car brand BMW to launch the Fnatic x BMW Vision mouse.

Tailored specifically for Fnatic’s League of Legends rosters, the collection is ergonomically designed and 3D printed to reflect each player’s hand shape, curvature and grip. In addition, the mice offer customization options to improve competitive performance through improved control, response and hand comfort.

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While an initial limited run was conducted for Fnatic’s League of Legends team, future commercial availability is dependent on further testing and public interest.

Every Fnatic x BMW Vision Mouse consists of two parts – the shell and the chassis. The case is unique to each player and is created in two distinct design and manufacturing phases. It can also be refined to meet changing needs, reusing the same materials for re-printing and applying them to the existing chassis.

Another focus in the design of the collection was circularity, as the body of each mouse is made from recycled components from the Fnatic BOLT mouse. Recently the organization has focused on sustainability as they also released a range of sustainable desks with ChopValue in September 2022.

Earlier this year, Fnatic and BMW teamed up again to open the BMW x Fnatic Esports Performance Facility in Berlin, Germany. In April 2019, the two companies worked together to launch BMW’s United in Rivalry initiative, which includes companies such as FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports and T1.

Fnatic and BMW are launching gaming mice designed for the League of Legends squadESI has partnered with META for Esports Revolution in Brussels. To learn more, click here.

Stefan Ponikva, VP of Brand Communications and Experience at BMW, commented: “The Fnatic x BMW Vision Mouse development project is a very good example of how we are defining our role in esports. Our know-how should benefit the community and contribute to the further development of the industry.

“In professional esports, player performance is key. 3D manufacturing methods that we have tried and tested in-house and our experience with sustainable, circular materials are applied in innovative ways in sport. Together with Fnatic, we really help improve the performance of professional gamers.”

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