Gogii Yolii menu and prices for unlimited samgyup

GOGII YOLII MENU – These are the fares and a la carte meal prices of Gogii Yolii, the new and trendy Samgyup restaurant.

Korean BBQ is trending and a thriving grocery business. And just recently, a newly opened restaurant along Timog Ave has attracted social media attention, and here are the food prices and prices.

Gogii Yolii – A place to shake up the Unli Samgyup scene

A new Korean BBQ spot is Gogii Yolii, a restaurant that’s trending for a reason.

GOGIII YOLII – Samgyup Restaurant Gogii Yolii is currently in vogue not only for its aesthetic interior, but also for its high quality food.

South Korean fever has slowly taken hold of the country and all Korean businesses and things have become prosperous. One of his examples is the Korean barbecue, also known as samgyupsal. And currently, Gogii Yolii is one of the hottest spots for unlimited Korean BBQ.

It is located at #67 Timog Ave. Corner, Brgy. South Triangle 1103 Quezon City. Its Facebook page says it’s a “restaurant that can take you to K-drama scenes while enjoying authentic Korean food.”

In terms of design and interior, everything looked very Korean – minimalistic and easy on the eyes. The restaurant had a soft opening on November 15th. But the comfortable environment is not the only thing they have to offer, as they have a wide range of Korean food, from side dishes, main dishes, meat, desserts and drinks.

They can assure their customers that their “appetizing, authentic Korean meat dishes” will satisfy their samgyup cravings.

On the menu, the meat choices include Sharp Cut Pork, Sliced ​​Pork, Garlic Herb Pork, Pork Enoki Roll, Sliced ​​Sweet Soy Beef, Sliced ​​Beef, Beef Enoki Roll, Sweet Soy Chicken, and Spicy Chicken Fillet.

Their banchan also comes with unlimited cheese and rice. They have buttered corn, pickled radish, fried fishcakes, braised potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, glass noodle stir fry, spicy pickled cabbage and more.


CHF 549.00
with unlimited banchan and iced tea and side dishes like deonjang jjigae, spicy chicken wings, egg casserole, kimbap, vegetable pancakes, homemade iced tea, dessert

CHF 699.00
with unlimited banchan and iced tea and ingredients such as deonjang jjigae, spicy chicken wings, egg casserole, kimbap, vegetable pancakes, homemade iced tea, dessert, fresh shrimp, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, tempura basket and cheesy scallops

Photo from Facebook

They also have a la carte dishes like Galbi Jjim, Sundubu Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae, Galbi Tang, Dolsot Bibimbap, Jeonju Bibimbap, Mandu Guk, Dak Gangjeong, Cheesy Buldak, Cheesy Ribs, Dak Burger and Kimchi Sandwich.

They have a two-hour order limit, and a la carte orders are the only ones allowed for takeout. There is also a charge of Php 100.00 per 100 grams of leftover meat, whether cooked or uncooked.

Gogii Yolii menu and prices for unlimited samgyupPhoto from Facebook


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