Its characteristics and data collection methods

QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH – Below is a guide to the characteristics and data collection methods within this research approach.

There are two (2) main approaches to conducting a research study – quantitative research and qualitative research. Each of them has a different set of data collection methods and are completely different from each other.

RESEARCH: Quantitative vs. Qualitative research – their differences

Differences between quantitative and qualitative research types

TYPES OF RESEARCH – Here are the differences between the two (2) types of research, namely quantitative and qualitative research.

Many courses in the college require research studies, including education and hotel and restaurant management. Although requirements may vary by course, in most courses they are critical to completing the curriculum.

In terms of research, there are five (5) parts that are generally followed regardless of the researcher’s history. They are the introduction, the review of the related literature, the methodology, the results, and the discussion.

There are subsections in each part of the research. In terms of types, there are two (2) types of research – the quantitative and the qualitative research.

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In this article, we will look at the differences between the quantitative type of research and qualitative research.

Quantitative research:

Based on an article on Snap, this type of research quantifies the problem with using numerical data generation for statistics. Numbers are involved in this research. This type is more “structured” than qualitative research and data collection methods may include:

Face-to-Face InterviewsSurveys (online, kiosk, mobile, etc.)Website InterceptorsSurveys

Qualitative research:

According to the article, the opposite of quantitative research is qualitative research, which is an “exploratory” type of study. It is often used to gain a deeper understanding of factors related to the study.

This type of research provides insight into the problem and helps develop hypotheses that can be used for quantitative research. Based on the article, data collection may include:

Individual interviewsObservationsGroup discussions

So these are the two (2) types of research. Today, many researchers use both types in a single study. The latter is usually intended for the interview part of the study.

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