Kuya Kim Atienza’s reaction to volleyball team Choco Mucho’s snub issue goes viral

Kuya Kim Atienza reacts to viral video of volleyball team Choco Mucho in Boracay

KUYA KIM ATIENZA – The Trivia Master was reacting to the viral video of players from the Choco Mucho Flying Titans volleyball team in Boracay.

Many Filipinos love volleyball games and watch the Premier Volleyball League. Currently, one of the most popular teams in the Philippines in the sports mentioned is Choco Mucho Flying Titans. Said team is owned by Republic Biscuit Corporation.

The team’s captain is Bea De Leon, who is also one of the middle blockers. Also, one of the most popular members of the team is Deanna Wong, who plays as the team’s setter.

Recently, the Choco Mucho team traveled to Boracay Island. They took social media by storm when one netizen posted a video of the volleyball players stifling cheers from their fans, who were happy to see them on the island. Only Bea nodded as she passed.

The said video garnered mixed reactions from people, including some celebrities. Trivia master Kuya Kim Atienza is one of those who reacted to said viral video.

Photo credit: Manila Standard

Kuya Kim Atienza shared the video on his Facebook account. In his caption, he emphasized that athletes are public figures too, and are among those people who “have the choice to inspire fans and show them gratitude,” supporting them, or “keep private and give them the cold shoulder.” “.

In his post, the trivia master stressed that team players should be made aware that entertaining fans is a responsibility, or they should play privately and away from the public eye.

“What an irritating yet sad sight. I hope they are instructed by their sponsors to behave properly in public. Back to you guys,” Kuya Kim Atienza said in the viral video of players from the Choco Mucho volleyball team on Boracay island.

Kuya Kim Atienza’s reaction to volleyball team Choco Mucho’s snub issue goes viral

Kuya Kim’s Facebook post caught the attention of several netizens and went viral on social media. It has been shared almost three thousand times and here are some of the comments on the Trivia Master’s post:

@Marki Tan: “Wala bang pa trivia sa stiff neck? Kuya Kim ano naaa”

@Bryan Oareza Odasco: “Sport will never exist without spectators. Return the favor by being nice. Remember that.”

@Gidelynne Love Lobino: “Couldn’t put it better! Thank you Kuya Kim!”

@Dee Azin: “It won’t cost you anything, naman siguro kung like hhi lang diba, some people have defended the athlete’s behavior pero simpleng hi lang naman eh.”

@En Goñz: “Right. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for them to even wave their hands to the fans who have been waiting for them.”

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