Lalamove’s customizable solutions: a game changer for delivery

Due to the huge increase in online orders in recent years, the logistics to enable last mile delivery has become a very important differentiator for e-commerce retailers. Defined as the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the ultimate delivery point (usually a personal home or office), the focus on getting items to the end user as quickly as possible has led to a significant evolution in the way retailers deal with cargo – Mile delivery.

Consumers today expect affordable and fast delivery, which is forcing companies to improve logistic efficiencies to enable the fastest last-mile delivery at the most competitive price. Last mile delivery costs account for 53% of total delivery costs and play an important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. But it is not always easy to fulfill customer wishes. Standard last mile deliveries for wholesalers usually take around three days. Conversely, most last-mile delivery services that offer same-day delivery are unable to accommodate large volumes of deliveries or offer a fast turnaround time.

Today’s e-commerce businesses need a service that can offer on-demand, same-day delivery in a customizable model that supports large volumes of packages while accommodating changing business needs and traffic fluctuations. This is where a service like Lalamove’s new custom solutions can help dealers: by leveraging solutions tailored to their operational needs, vendors can now deliver quantities on demand with reduced turnaround time.

A game changer in logistics
Lalamove’s customizable solutions: a game changer for delivery

Known for its specialization in on-demand same-day delivery service, Lalamove is a logistics platform that enables users to conveniently source drivers and vehicles to meet their delivery needs in minutes.

The company has 61,000 driver partners across Singapore ready for activation, made possible through technical innovations such as API integrations and e-commerce plugins that allow Lalamove to offer business owners services that can help them automate delivery flows and ordering processes to simplify. Although Lalamove is a leader in on-demand delivery services, Lalamove recognizes that this is not always suitable for businesses that need to deliver large volumes on a daily basis.

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Ms. Zarifah Zulkifli, Business Development Manager at Lalamove Singapore, spoke about their new offering, Customized Solutions, which allows merchants to design and customize them according to their business delivery needs. “We have always been known for our on-demand delivery service. To stay relevant and thrive in the post-pandemic market, we dared to adapt our product to the needs of our merchants,” she explained.

The advantages of the new offer from Lalamove

Customizable solutions

“Lalamove’s new custom solutions offer merchants the added benefit of fixed contract pricing, a trained fleet of drivers, flexible delivery procedures and dedicated operational and account management support,” explained Zulkifli.

Lalamove’s custom solutions also provide a seamless user experience that starts at the onboarding stage. After qualifying for the service, the Lalamove team proposes a tailor-made pricing and operating model and grants access to the portal for customized solutions.

Creating orders is even easier. After submitting an order via the Customized Solutions Portal, Lalamove’s operations team creates planned routes and tasks for drivers, as well as a routing list that is made available to the customer. From there, the drivers collect the orders at the customer’s assigned pick-up location and deliver directly to the recipients, who follow the operational procedure. Delivery statuses can also be accessed through the same portal, where users can generate an EOD report at any time.

This new offering allows business owners to focus on more lucrative tasks, such as: B. customer retention and new product development, while Lalamove oversees their last mile delivery processes as an affordable personalized service.

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Lalamove’s new solution is best suited for companies with high order density and delivery volumes that also require flexible same-day or scheduled deliveries. “This is particularly beneficial for e-commerce businesses without warehousing capabilities that require same-day deliveries to reduce costs and increase productivity,” explained Zulkifli. “Also, if you have specific needs and processes, this solution is best suited for you because it is based on the core concept of adaptability to your own business needs,” added Zulkifli.

Compared to the average 3PL logistics provider, same-day delivery is a game changer for the logistics industry, as traditional 3PL models typically take around one to three business days for items to be sorted and delivered. “With Lalamove’s custom solutions, your customers can rest assured that items will be delivered the same day after the order is placed,” said Zulkifli.

Lalamove’s customized offering enables a faster and more personalized delivery solution for businesses while handling large shipments. The new solution ensures package-level tracking alongside several other personalized services such as flexible payment plans that enable both large and small players to compete in the new digital retail environment.

Meeting the demands of the e-commerce age

Alex Lin, Managing Director of Lalamove Singapore, explained how the new service reflects a new trend in the logistics industry. “The last mile delivery process helps retailers improve the overall customer experience. With the ability to aggregate demand with flexible and personalized same-day delivery at a fixed contract price, we can expect a shorter turnaround time for consumers in terms of delivery,” Lin explained

“We expect higher sales revenue from customers as they can now close the gap when it comes to expectation between what the customer wants in terms of delivery and what they can provide,” she noted. “With the new launch, we will better understand the pain points of both our merchants and their end customers. This will allow us to further improve our product, which in turn will improve the customer experience,” he continued.

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Lalamove recognizes that most retailers have specific requirements and processes that are unique to their business. By combining Lalamove’s technology-driven logistics service with the added flexibility of custom pricing, package-level tracking and account management assistance, Lalamove hopes its new service will set a new standard for the entire last-mile delivery industry.

If you want to explore this new offering further, visit Lalamove.

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