Nadine Luster is calling the owner of the Siargao Secret site for skin-shaming remarks

Nadine Luster asks the owner of the Siargao Secret page to comment on her skin

NADINE LUSTER – Actress Nadine Luster reached out to the owner of the Siargao Secret site for comments about her skin.

Nadine Luster made her relationship with Christopher Bariou public earlier this year. She’s started spending more time in Siargao because that’s where Chris’ base is.

Nadine recently spoke about the beginnings of her life in Siargao. She said she feels liberated when she’s in the surfing mecca of the Philippines. While she has nothing against Manila, she claimed the stunning island allows her to breathe more.

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Nadine Luster not only fell in love with Siargao, but also met Chris Bariou there. She spoke about her boyfriend’s support, particularly when it comes to her mental health.

“Great (supportive). I cry like I don’t care I cry in front of Chris all the time when I’m super stressed and he always gives me words of encouragement,” Nadine said.

The 29-year-old celebrity said Chris also supports her other efforts, such as the environment and animal welfare.

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Nadine Luster is calling the owner of the Siargao Secret site for skin-shaming remarksPhoto source: @walkingnozomi Twitter

Recently, Facebook page Siargao Secret claimed that Nadine Lustre’s skin was ruined. The actress’ skin is said to have darkened while surfing the island.

Like most Asians, Pinoys have long been fascinated by fair skin, as evidenced by the sheer volume of lightening treatments being sold to consumers. Since people with dark complexions are considered ugly, blackface has even been used by actors in television comedies.

FB captionPhoto credit: @Siargao Secret FBNadine-Lustre-1Photo credit: @Siargao Secret FBpostPhoto source: Fashionpulis

Nadine Luster couldn’t help but reply to the post. In her tweet, she urged her followers to let her know who owns the site as she just wanted to say hello.

tweetPhoto source: @hello_nadine Twitter

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