New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week – Issue 200

research of the week

Non-nutritive components of ultra-processed foods are likely causes of common gut problems.

The omega-6/omega-3 balance of red blood cells improves atherogenic risk factors.

The “impairment” of carbohydrate intake prolongs the lifespan of mice.

Taking carnitine protects brain development in premature babies.

Machine learning attempts to correlate individual amino acid intake with health.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Kitchen Podcast: The Connection Between Dairy Intolerance and Dairy Genes with Alexandre Family Farm Founders Blake and Stephanie

Primal Health Coach Radio: Don’t let your branding sabotage your coaching with Naomi Gee

Media, Smith

The oldest plant genome comes from an ancient watermelon.


Interesting blog posts

dr Cate on what’s really in flavored sparkling water.

Checked blue blockers.

Social Notes

At energy levels.

Everything else

A reminder that the modern Indian diet is full of horrible oils and there are better alternatives.

Things I plan to do and am interested in

You hate to see it: Fake meat in freefall.

Interesting answers: What does the low-carb community agree with that the general public disagrees with??

There it is: “Our study found that cooking with lard/other animal fat oil was more beneficial for cardiovascular health in elderly Chinese. Dietary guidelines should give serious consideration to the health implications of replacing vegetable/gingili oil with lard/other animal fatty oil for different population groups.”

Interesting study: Genetically engineered soybeans with higher MUFA and omega-3 and lower omega-6 have cardiovascular benefits.

What did I say?: Go for creativity.

question I ask

How do you encourage creativity?

Recipe Corner Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 5 – Nov 11)

comment of the week

“Pay attention.
Anything that draws your attention to the moment is worth a moment of your attention.”

-I like that, Dave.

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week – Issue 200

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