New Year’s Resolutions Simplified: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

You and I will likely come across a hundred articles on New Year’s resolutions in 2023…again. And if you and I are like the majority — the well-intentioned, normal people who really want change — we’ll strive for great things and later get frustrated and give up the list we made… again.

But what if we kept it really simple this time? What if we didn’t have to make an endless list and just looking at it reminded us of all the things we could fail at again?

What if we made it as simple as one, two, three?

Let’s do that instead, shall we?!

1. Make “one” your magic number. Count to one every day, starting now, not January 1st – NOW! What is the one thing you want and will do today?

An email, or a paragraph you write, or a chapter you read, or a person you reach out to. Who’s the only lucky person you’ll text or call to tell them how much you miss or appreciate them? Or how encouraged you feel knowing her, or how badly you want to ask her for forgiveness? Who’s the only person you can text or call to laugh at that one funny memory you just share with them?

Personally, I’ve made a commitment to writing, calling, or praying for anyone whenever I can think of it, same day; I dont wait. I believe there is a reason we are reminded of humans and life is so fragile. I don’t want to miss an opportunity and I regret not encouraging someone who could have been encouraged or speaking kindly to someone who could have benefited.

What will you do today to make yourself healthier and happier?

Maybe it’s just a set of squats while you wash the dishes; a skipping rope that you order and jump for a minute when it arrives; a glass of beer or cola or a sweet drink that you only replace once today with water or tea or decaffeinated coffee. What item will you change in your diet today for something better for your body?

What happy song will you be listening to in the car or on a short walk today? Which store do you drive to and park really far away so you can take extra steps walking back and forth?

2. Remember that there are two important ways your brilliant mind registers and remembers everything: through words and pictures.

Paint clear, vivid, beautiful pictures for your mind of what you want. Think backwards; Get a picture of what your completed achievement looks like to you and make it as detailed and exciting as possible.

See you achieve the healthy weight you desire, fit into an outfit of your dreams, hear compliments from friends and strangers about how radiant, healthy and gorgeous you look, how much you love it to take care of your body inside and out .

Imagine you have completed your degree, project, letter, book, assignment or whatever. Watch as you walk across the stage, people wanting to buy your product, applaud your project, ask you to redo your presentation, ask you about it, and enjoy the summary of what you’ve read or learned.

Imagine buying the house you drew in your mind and furnishing it and having friends over and laughing and resting in your comfortable space every day!

See yourself in a relationship that you just fixed or found and are enjoying. See how good it is for you and the other person; See and hear the uplifting conversations you have and the fun activities you enjoy together. Dream in pictures!

When you speak to yourself, use words that are kind, uplifting, life-giving, and generous—not the opposite. Speak as you would to someone you love and care about; someone whose success would make you as happy as your own; someone you want to see happy, encouraged, loved. Talk to yourself out loud and in your mind every day and see what happens.

3. Imagine you are a triangle.

One side is your mind connected to the second, your heart connected to the third, your amazing body, with all inner space filled with what you really and most deeply are – your mind.

They all need to be cared for, cared for and cared for. Be aware of what each part needs and requires. how is it missing What is missing? What can you do today to promote each part?

I feed my spirit daily through prayer and silence, which fills me with focus, strength, and insight, and I always pray for at least one person outside of my family. Walking is what helps me take care of my body at this stage of my life.

So there you have it: one, two, three.

As you come to the end of your day today, congratulate yourself on that one thing you did, that step you took, and look forward to doing it again tomorrow. Be your cheerleader and encourager, and in time you will see the change you’ve been looking for.

New Year’s Resolutions Simplified: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

About Nino Fincher

Nino’s goal and passion is to help emotionally paralyzed people to detach and thrive personally and professionally. She divides her time primarily between Dubai and Dallas as a public speaker, helping individuals and groups through Rapid Transformational Therapy and Coaching. Her background in fitness, counseling and theology is integrated to work holistically with each individual. She is wife and mother. You can find more information or book Nino at

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