NY Jets, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, Kanas City Chiefs

Not the same old jets??

Not the same old jets?? Image: Getty Images

Whenever NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson says “BYE-magddon,” there is cause for concern about the quality of NFL football on television that particular Sunday. Six teams were byes in the first two weeks of this season. Four teams were bye in Week 7, and that was NFL football’s most entertaining week this season.

Week 7 BYE-mageddon of last season didn’t result in a single game ending by a point in victory this Sunday and Thursday and Monday’s games that did were as exciting as the fireworks sold at the grocery store . After seeing the dud of a six-team week goodbye last season, the NFL added a second BYE Mageddon this season.

If this week of NFL action isn’t half as entertaining as yesterday, football fans should be leaving their seats as often as Hanson. Not only were many of the Week 9 games close, but some teams considered good – but not elite – showed they were ready to take on anyone.

Hopefully the midterm elections on Tuesday will also bring something unexpectedly positive.

Geno Smith has a late game tear and now the Seahawks are 6-3

There was every reason to sort out the Seahawks after Smith’s pick-six midway through the third quarter. The Seahawks’ passing offense was largely ineffective up to that point, and that big game was just what the Arizona Cardinals needed to put them ahead at home.

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For the rest of the game, possession of all but one Seahawks would end on a touchdown. The ones that didn’t were the last few games where they got on their knees to tick off the clock. Smith led the Seahawks on two 13-play drives after the pick-six that would end in touchdowns. Her third touchdown drive was led by a swing pass to Noah Fant in 3rd and 3rd place that went 51 yards.

Little was expected of the Seattle Seahawks this season after being the only team in the NFC West not to make the playoffs last year. With a narrow lead in the division, they could have collapsed and jeopardized their 2022 playoff hopes after that pick-six, but they responded and are now at 6-3. The Seahawks also have a quarterback who is one of the best statistical player in the league.

The New York Jets are neither a joke nor a coincidence

Zach Wilson isn’t doing much to part ways with the non-Steve Young BYU quarterbacks, who statistically haven’t been as successful in the NFL as they were in college. He plays for the Jets, which would normally justify a review of his cornering performance, but that grace isn’t needed this year.

The Jets are 5-3 in eight games and knocked off what is arguably the best team in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills, on Sunday. Wilson’s performance did little to prove he was worthy of the 2021 No. 2 overall, but a strong defensive display and storming attack paved the way to a victory at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets were trailing 14-3 with six and a half minutes left in the second quarter and giving up just three points for the remainder of the game. Josh Allen threw two interceptions and no touchdowns while averaging just six yards per shot. He was great on the ground, rushing for 86 yards and two points, but nobody else for the Bills with multiple rush attempts was averaging four yards per carry.

While the Bills averaged more yards per carry as a team, the Jets rushed for 40 more total yards and had strong performances from several players. Combine that with their defense padlocking the Bills’ passing offense and the Jets look like more than a feel-good story early in the season. They’re a team that stands out in the top division in the NFL. And head coach Robert Saleh still has those receipts.

Count out the Tennessee Titans at your own risk

Injuries are coming again for the Titans. Also, they will play 17 games instead of four this season and probably until the end of time without AJ Brown’s services since they traded him to the 8-0 Philadelphia Eagles. First-round draft pick Treylon Burks should help ease some of the pain of this loss for the Titans’ wide receiver corps, but he’s currently on injured reserve. Up and down the Titans’ depth chart, they’ve been without a key player for most of the season, and Derrick Henry hasn’t often looked like one of the best athletes on the planet since his foot injury in 2021. Even starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been on the inactive list for consecutive weeks.

In Sunday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Titans held Patrick Mahomes’ offense to 20 points and put the game into overtime. Henry looked like the athletic specimen he was in Alabama, and rookie third-round pick Malik Willis performed respectably on offense despite not completing a single pass to a wide receiver.

The Titans’ defense left Mahomes uneasy for most of the night, and his runs on the Chiefs’ final drive in regulation accounted for all the success they had on the ground. While the Chiefs pulled out the win, the Titans caught the eye of the rest of the AFC. They’re not a team that can only beat teams like the Las Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis Colts and Washington Commanders. In playoff time, winning the AFC Championship requires defeating last season’s No. 1.