SEC Network’s Peter Burns with a major faux pas on his colleague Ben Watson

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Screenshot: SEC network

Work is work, even if part of the job description is being best friends on TV.

The goal of a gym is for the athletes to joke. However, not everyone can be Ernie, Charles, Shaq, and Kenny, and even they get angry from time to time. It’s best for everyone else to keep the jokes light and perfect the fake TV laughter.

During halftime of Vanderbilt’s 31-24 win over Florida on SEC Network, Peter Burns made a clever comment about Benjamin Watson’s suit. He was right, the tight end of the former Georgia, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints was pretty shiny compared to everyone else on set.

Watson didn’t make a big comeback, so he took it with humour, smiled and said as long as his wife texts him he’s good looking, he doesn’t care. Burns then addressed the buzz with a second joke, when he said: “That’s not the one she sent me.” He’s lucky it didn’t prompt Watson to brush some of that suit’s shine against his forehead to delete.

By the time the halftime show came back from the commercial break, both Watson and Burns had disappeared from the set. Chris Doeren opened the next segment by directly addressing the noticeable difference, and Watson angrily sauntered back to the set, with that shiny suit jacket noticeably unbuttoned and an expression that looked like there were stones in his jaw .

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In general, for those who didn’t grow up with boundaries, you should always be careful about who you tease. Just because you mean something as a joke doesn’t mean the other person will take it that way. This is how communication works, the receiver interprets it and then reacts accordingly.

Not everyone is interested in what brilliant joke you as an amateur comedian were thinking of at a certain moment. And for those who can’t help but playfully rip those around them, a good rule of thumb is to leave people’s families alone.

Some “Yo Mama” jokes between classmates who’ve known each other at school for a while aren’t the same as being rude about the people an adult thinks are the most important in the world.

It’s always best to assume that jokes about people’s parents, spouses, and offspring are taboo, especially in an environment for the whole world to see. Hurting people, hurting people and hurting someone’s feelings in this way can lead to some pain for the offending part, be it their pride or their body.

Burns and Watson later took a picture to try and play it off like there wasn’t a lingering beef between the two. Watson later quoted and tweeted it, and from what he posted, I don’t think Burns will be making any more jokes about his colleagues’ wife, the wardrobe, or anything else anytime soon.