Slater Young Viral “Ting Ting Tang Tang” behind-the-scenes video

Behind-the-scenes video of Slater Young doing the viral “Ting Ting Tang Tang” dance

SLATER YOUNG – Celebrity influencer Kryz Uy shared behind-the-scenes video of the making of Slater Young’s viral “Ting Ting Tang Tang” video alongside Eruption.

Recently, Cebuano content creator Slater Young admitted on social media that he’s having a hard time finding a Christmas present for his wife, Kryz Uy. He shared a clip of him looking so worried with “Trying My Best” playing in the background.

His gift to his wife isn’t anything special, but it’s hilarious. In a post on his IG side account on Dec. 23, Slater bravely did the hip dance challenge “Tang Ting Tang Ting” alongside Eric “Eruption” Tai, and Kryz couldn’t stop laughing.

Photo source: @kryzzzie IG

Kryz Uy shared a behind-the-scenes look at Slater’s viral “Ting Ting Tang Tang” video with Eruption. The vlogger explained in her vlog how they came up with the concept of a dance collaboration with Eruption.

“Actually, I always have a great time when I see Slater dance because it doesn’t happen often. He hates dancing but last night we had dinner with Eric Tai and we found out that na siya pala ‘yung nagpa-sikat sa song na ‘Ting Ting…”

“The reason we hear it all the time at Christmas parties and malls and stuff like that is because he made a video on TikTok where he dances to it and it’s gotten 70 million views which is so crazy,” she added added.

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Slater Young Viral “Ting Ting Tang Tang” behind-the-scenes videoPhoto source: Youtube

Kryz Uy said the idea of ​​performing a “Ting Ting Tang Tang” dance was born during that dinner. She said: “We were just talking about it last night and his journey and what he’s been up to lately and all of a sudden napunta sa kailangan kami mag-collab na TikTok so magkita kita kami ngayon and magti-TikTok dance kami ng ‘Ting Ting. ‘”

Slater attempted to master the dance with his wife before dancing with Eruption. Eruption later came to their house for dance practice.

“Ganito ‘yan I think I’m a really good teacher I think. I saw yours so we can compare [practice] Video, excellent performance but after I teach you will see improvement. I guarantee it will happen,” Eruption Young promised.

“The best advice I can give to start with is called a step clap. Right step, clap. Left step, clap,” he advised Young.

Slater-Young-Eruption-1Photo source: Youtube

They were joined during rehearsals by Slater and Kryz’s son Scottie. Slater, Kryz, Eruption and two others recorded the dance video after their dance rehearsal.

As of this writing, the video has received over 2.1 million views on Instagram and 6.1 million views on TikTok. It also sparked various reactions from netizens.

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