The best games on the NBA schedule for the week of January 23rd

This week’s NBA schedule is a barn burner. Image: Getty Images

Don’t let anyone tell you that the NBA regular-season schedule is a poor entertainment product. Of course, a single game doesn’t affect a team’s overall balance the same way it does for an NFL team. In the NBA, teams play several games a week. That’s not about to change anytime soon, especially as the Golden State Warriors need to host as many events as possible at their $1.4 billion palatial estate.

However, that doesn’t mean the regular season lacks entertainment value. While the NBA regular season lacks night-to-night consistency, it offers more opportunities to see teams grow together, young players get better, and acrobatic feats that only trapeze acts can rival.

Both favorites and underdogs found success this week. The NBA regular season is past halftime. While some of the top teams are kicking butt, there are some unexpected rosters letting it be known they’re ready to compete next spring.

This recent energy has impacted the rankings. In the coming days, some of the NBA leaders will have to fend off some hungry challengers. For sports fans waiting for the NFL Conference Championship Sunday, there’s plenty of NBA action to keep you satisfied if you let it.

*Disclaimer, if a player has a surprise scratch due to injury or a break, don’t be mad at us. Many of you regularly watch football games where quarterbacks start from the third row.