The Big Leap Roadshow kicks off in Jakarta with a Gen Z market panel

The Big Leap Roadshow kicked off in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 9th, bringing together leading venture capitalists, veteran investors, business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and other seasoned professionals for an activity-packed event.

The Big Leap is a joint project by e27 and CleverTap – the world’s leading retention cloud, trusted by 1500 customers and a pioneer in helping brands engage and retain their users. The event allowed industry insiders to share ideas and forge strategic partnerships. The event was attended by growth leaders from well-known companies such as Carousell, Bukalapak and Traveloka, among others.

The focus of The Big Leap roadshow in Indonesia was the panel discussion Retention Playbook: Gen Z and unexpected segments in the new normal, moderated by Mohan Belani, CEO and co-founder of e27.

The panel was joined by Timothius Martin (CMO of Pintu), Felicia Kawilarang (CMO of Halodoc), Mediko Azwar, ACC (CMO of Blue Bird Group) and Marc-Antoine Hager (SEA Regional Vice President for Sales, CleverTap). These business leaders have learned firsthand how to sail rough seas and shared real insights and proven strategies to maintain and grow market share.

Highlights: Unique traits exhibited by Gen Zs
The Big Leap Roadshow kicks off in Jakarta with a Gen Z market panel

The central theme of the panel discussion was — Gen Z, the emerging consumer segment that will dominate the market for years to come. As the market shifts in unprecedented directions, there is much to examine, especially in relation to the expectations and behaviors of this new segment of customers.

This generation, raised during the internet boom and increasing globalization, possesses unique characteristics, and their behavior during the pandemic has further underscored their unique decision-making calculus, particularly in relation to purchasing behavior. Timothius Martin, CMO, Pintu, was amazed by the rise in the number of Generation Z crypto traders who, despite their limited understanding and experience, were experimenting with investing their money in high-risk assets like crypto.

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“Generation Z is known to be more anxious about venturing into uncharted territory and show higher risk-taking than previous generations,” commented Timothius Martin.

The panel cited several unique behaviors of Gen Zs, such as: B. a greater receptivity to influencers, an appreciation for health and general well-being, and mindfulness. These are just some of the characteristics of Gen Z that companies need to understand in order to better enter the market segment and create products, services and customer experiences tailored to their sensibilities.

A deep understanding of customers allows companies to diversify their product portfolio, which is crucial to avert risk during tough economic times. This is not only crucial for adapting to the changing market, but can also be the key to business success.

Highlights: The importance of adapting to changing customer needs

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption across all industries and fueled new user behavior online. As organizations go offline, it is critical that they continue to benefit from their previously acquired user bases and keep them in the new context.

“During the pandemic, Halodoc saw a significant increase in our product demand. As a result, we’ve had to work hard to strengthen our infrastructure, educate our new users and physicians, and combat the rising advertising and customer acquisition costs of traditional digital advertising platforms like Google and Facebook,” said Halodoc’s Felicia Kawilarang.

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Given this unique situation, Halodoc found an effective strategy to grow its customer base through referrals and e-word of mouth. Referrals not only lowered the overall cost of customer acquisition, but also helped improve the user experience as they learned how to take advantage of the platform through their recommendations, which they often trusted.

Additionally, CleverTap’s SEA Regional Vice President, Marc-Antoine Hager, encouraged company leaders to increase relationship building in their customer retention strategies. In both online and offline experiences, service outages can quickly occur at various touchpoints in the customer journey. So what differentiates between good and bad service is how the service provider handles service outages, reconciles the negative feedback, regains customer trust, and maximizes customer lifetime value and conversion rate.

Why it’s more important to send a clear message than to go viral

As a transportation company providing mobility services, Blue Bird Group faced immense challenges during the pandemic due to travel restrictions and business closures. Therefore, in addition to adapting its services to survive, CMO Mediko Azwar emphasized how the company delivers new marketing messages to its customers.

“In the extreme need we fell back on the foundation of our existence. So over the past few months you have seen the differences in the way Blue Bird has communicated with and engaged with our audience. To be specific, we used a lot of human stories because that is our strength and we believe that the human touch is what differentiates our brand from others. Going forward, we will continue and double the small wins, knowing that 2022 and next year will be challenging,” said Mediko Azwar.

The Big Leap Roadshow – a great time to network with bright minds

The big leap

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Jakarta is the first stop on The Big Leap 5-City Tour. There are even more opportunities for you to join our exciting roadshows, spanning the liveliest startup scene in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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