Ubisoft Unveils Rainbow Six Esports Global Circuit; announces multi-year BLAST deal

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Game developer and publisher Ubisoft has announced a major esports ecosystem update for Rainbow Six: Siege (Rainbow Six).

These include the introduction of a new Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Esports Global Circuit, changes to the overall competition format, “closed” leagues, and a partnership with tournament promoter BLAST.

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Ubisoft has announced that the global Circuit will begin in March 2023. The competition will feature six “closed” regions: Europe, North America, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Hispanic Latin America. It was also noted that regional programs in Asia, Oceania and MENA are being refined.

The season will run from March to February next year and will have designated off-season breaks during which third-party tournament organizers can create their own tournaments, similar to VALORANT.

The closed system will apply to all major regions, meaning a set number of teams will compete. However, each region has an open qualifier that gives the smaller teams a chance to qualify for the majors. Details on how specific teams and how many spots will be available to qualify for the Majors have not yet been announced.

The Majors themselves will now also feature a new phase that will take place before the Group Stage and Playoffs, but Ubisoft hasn’t explained exactly what that means.

Currently, 10 teams compete in all regions except Asia, Oceania, MENA, South Korea and Latin America. South Korea and Latin America will have eight teams, and decisions still need to be made in Asia, Oceania and MENA.

Another new addition to the Rainbow Six ecosystem is the partnership with tournament organizer BLAST. As part of the partnership, BLAST will host Rainbow Six events in all regions except Japan. Ubisoft and BLAST described it as a “historic multi-year partnership.”

The route consists of two stages; one runs from March to May, followed by an off-season during the summer months of June to August. The second phase begins in September and ends in November. Another off-season break ends in February with the Six Invitational.

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Rainbow Six is ​​a popular multiplayer FPS title that pits two teams of Operators against each other in an attack and defense scenario. The game has garnered considerable popularity and notoriety as an esports title, often compared to games like CS:GO.

For BLAST, this is another major new endeavor for the tournament organizer who has expanded from its original CS:GO remit to now host tournaments in Fortnite, FIFA, Apex Legends and now Rainbow Six Seige. BLAST is also hosting the next CS:GO Major in Paris, France.

Leo Matlock, Managing Director of Development at BLAST, commented, “We have exciting plans to improve and grow the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene and we look forward to bringing the full extent of our esports expertise and world-class Leveraging technology for transmission, production and live-to-consumer streaming to create an ecosystem the community can be proud of and excited about.”

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