USD to PHP exchange rate today, Monday, January 2, 2023

USD to PHP exchange rate guide today, Monday, January 02, 2023 – How much will you get?

USD TO PHP – Check out the exchange rate for converting US Dollar to Philippine Peso today, Monday, January 02, 2023.

Many Filipinos work in the United States and the money they send to their loved ones in the Philippines depends on the daily exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Philippine Peso. For today, Monday 2nd January 2023, here is the USD-PHP exchange rate based on the Western Union exchange rate at the time of writing this article:

Buy: $1 equals Php 55.0811

Western Union exchange rates are updated daily, including weekends and holidays. It is the money exchange center where many people prefer to send their foreign currency and have it exchanged for pesos.

Photo credit: Philippine News Agency

Many Filipinos work abroad because they want their families and loved ones to have a more comfortable life in the Philippines. They earn more or even double what they can earn by staying in the Philippines. This scenario is especially true in the case of medical professionals.

When it comes to working abroad, there are undeniably countries that are favored by foreign Filipino workers (OFWs) over some nations. One of these nations is the United States. It is well known to the public that the exchange rate between US Dollar and Philippine Peso does not normally fall below Php 46 to USD 1.

Recently, the families of Filipinos in the United States who send remittances into the country are receiving a larger amount. It has been in the midst of the Philippine peso’s weakening against the US dollar for several weeks. While their families receive a larger amount, many OFWs are not happy about the high prices of goods and commodities in the country.

Now, according to some OFW families, the extra amount they get from the exchange rate is only enough to increase household expenses.

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