Voters just raised the minimum wage in these 3 places

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As the nation remains uncertain which party will control Congress, those working in three locations across the country can be assured of a pay rise thanks to Tuesday’s election results.

In these three places voters decided to raise the minimum wage. The two federal states and one district follow, in which you will soon be able to earn more money at work.


Voters just raised the minimum wage in these 3 placesMark Dahmke /

Nebraska voters passed a measure known as Initiative 433 to raise the state minimum wage by $1.50 each year from 2023 through 2026. At that point, the minimum wage will be $15.

After that, wages are adjusted for inflation.


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Nevada voters appear to have approved an increase in the state minimum wage to $12 an hour, effective July 2024. That’s an increase of up to $1.50.

The Washington Post reports that the state will also “remove the current tiered minimum wage system, which effectively penalizes workers in companies that offer health insurance.”

Washington, D.C

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In the nation’s capital, voters passed Initiative 82, effectively raising the minimum wage for tip workers to $16.10 an hour by 2027. Currently, that minimum wage is $5.35 an hour.

The measure should be equal to the minimum wage paid to non-tipped employees.

Other states with recent minimum wage increases

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In recent years, many other states have raised their minimum wages. In fact, two dozen states — from New York to Washington state and many places in between — enacted minimum wage increases this year.

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